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Lazis-Sultan Agung

LAZIS Sultan Agung

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A brief History

Amil Zakat Infaq Shadaqah Sultan Agung (LAZIS-sa) is an institution that carry out the mandate as an institution of zakat (LAZ) at the provincial level, which pioneered month of Ramadhan 1423 H (2002) with the name of University Development Fund is the People of Sultan Agung (LPDU-sa). This is just a small intermediary of God’s grace vast abundance, manifesting his affection bridge the mercy of the agniya and fulfill the hopes of the poor.


Amil zakat institutions and professional mandate based on the values of Islam in order to realize the prosperity and independence of the people of the blessed God.


Compassionate people realize the full forgiveness of God and develop a social life that is just, dignified and noble are pleasing to God, through solutif role in the utilization of zakat, infaq, and shodaqah in accordance with Islamic law are trustworthy and professional.


Alleviating the poor from the shackles of poverty to self-reliance.
Agniya to arouse the consciousness of the care and love of their older siblings weak and helpless.
Developing ZIS benefit is maximized through strategic programs according to the vision and mission of the institution.