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PT Bhakti Agung Pratama (PT BAP)
LPU YBWSA developed in 2003 as part of the pillars of the business and activities YBWSA. Its presence is intended to support core business YBWSA in the field of propaganda, education, social, and health. LPU activities under the same umbrella business entities, namely PT Bhakti Agung Pratama (PT BAP), which oversees several business units engaged in various fields.

SA Press

SA Press is a business unit that serves the needs of conventional and digital printing.


PUMANISA (Pujasera Students and Art Appreciation Sultan Agung) is a business unit engaged in several sectors Pujasera, Copy Center, and Water Refill located in one building in the complex UNISSULA.

PT Agung Pendawa Realty

PT Agung Pendawa Realty is engaged in the development of the property with two core businesses in Bangetayu Griya Agung Semarang and Semarang Villa Agung in Pucanggading.

In addition to business unit incorporated in PT BAP, YBWSA have another business entity that stands alone, namely SA Tour and Radio PT DI UNISA 205. Both occupy offices in Gd. Lt. Pumanisa 1 UNISSULA.


Being a business development agency owned by a foundation that grows and develops with the management and service excellence according to the vision, mission and objectives YBWSA


Develop business oriented and principled people sharia able to create economic welfare equitably