Afatul are two phrases spoken word meaning the danger of the tongue. This does not mean tongue always bring mudhorat for humans, because the tongue is also beneficial to humans. With one’s tongue can speak and convey the intended meaning.

However, it must realize also that how many people are slipping due to his tongue, as a result of the inability to keep the tongue owner of speech and the words that come out of the tongue. Therefore, it is urgent // // in the life of a Muslim to understand the dangers of verbal as well as verbal understanding of the benefits of it.

Two important things are often reminded of Islam to us-beings is to keep and maintain properly the tongue and behavior. Rasulullah SAW advised us that:
“Whoever believes in Allah and the Qiyamat let say good or be silent.”

This message emphasizes the importance of keeping the said words, do not say bad things and hurt, because it tells any without thought would lead to another crisis, namely hostility, chaos and even bloodshed.  caution-Danger-Lisan1

So, by keeping the tongue and speech, can definitely be intertwining kehidupanyang serene, peaceful and prosperous society of all time. In this context, Rasulullah SAW advised that keeping the tongue and behavior in order not to disturb and beyond batasatau touched right and muruah (authority) of others.

The tongue is spineless. Proverb that illustrates how difficult set tongues. Sometimes in places of assembly, things got even more exciting will be fresh, when someone handed gossip ‘new’. Especially if the originator of ‘gossip’ ever feel disadvantaged by ‘the candidate’ prisoner. That they can be more exciting. He had been hurt, alluded to, humiliated, bullied, or similar to it. Then brake tongue really frequent tension.

The tongue is one of the blessings of Allah. A person must take care of sin and disobedience, keeping from utterances that could cause regret and loss. The tongue will be a witness on the Day of Judgment. Allah says: “On the day when the tongue, hands and feet bear witness to them about anything they used to do.” (Qur’an, 24:24)

The tongue also includes the favor of Allah SWT very large for humans. Goodness was saying would bring forth the broad benefits and ugliness he says led to the long tail ugliness.

Because he is not reinforced, he’s not hard to be moved and used. He is the most important tool that can be utilized by syaithan in human plunges.

In the hadith says: “Indeed, one actually said the words without thinking that caused him to slip into the hell that is a greater distance between the east and the west”. (Muttafaq ‘alaih, Abu Hurayrah).

And the tongue is also a means of human simplify convey the intended meaning to the person they’re talking to, so that the addressee would understand the intent of the person. If oral not there then one can hardly speak and convey something to be desired except in sign language.

The Prophet has said: “Whoever is able to keep what is contained between two beards and what is in between the two legs, then I assure him of heaven. (Muttafaq ‘alaih, from Sahl bin Sa’d).

We should just say something useful. Because, the permissible speech can lead kapada makruh or haram things. Rasulullah SAW said: “Whoever believes in Allah and the last day then let him speak good or keep quiet”. (Muttafaq ‘alaih, Abu Hurayrah).

When a person has to understand that he will be judged and rewarded on every utterance of his tongue, then he will know the dangers of words spoken tongue, and he will consider carefully before tongue used. He said: “No one was saying words, but nearby there are angels Raqib and ‘Atid.” (QS.Qoof: 18)

The tongue has a very broad opportunity to be obedient to God, and dhikr to him, but also allows it to be used in disobedience and talks excessively. We should be able to control the tongue for dhikr and obey God, so they can exalt us. While many talk without dhikr of Allah hardens the heart, and keep away from // Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla.//

To heaven quickly by word of mouth, towards nerakapun quickly by word of mouth. Spoken like a ‘net’ that good menjaringnya will get good results, otherwise if not the result will be a bit tiring. They say the tongue is not reinforced, the more pleased mengat
will anything without thinking. The real danger of the tongue sekali.Nabi Muhammad also said, “There will be a straight faith of a servant, his hand straight up, and there will be a straight heart, straight up, nor tongue. And a servant will not enter heaven, while his neighbor is not safe of crimes. “God has given the limitations of the talks so that the direction of talks we are helpful and have an impact on each other, as he says:” there is no good in much of their private counsels, except for the whispers of those who ordered the (human) gave shodaqoh or do kindness or reconciliation among mankind. And whoever does that seeking the pleasure of Allah, We shall give him a great reward. ” (Annisa: 114). & Nbsp; http: //